Edward Duckitt Photography - About Me - Cape Town - South Africa
Professional Wedding, Fashion and Fine Art Photography by Edward Duckitt from Cape Town South Africa
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About Me


I am glad that you have found my photography portfolio site.


Who am I?

Edward! I took the long way around of pursuing my photographic career. I actually studied a MSc in Wine Biotechnology at Stellenbosch University but after working in the industry for a while, I decided it wasn’t for me. All was not lost however – science taught me more than just how to perform research in the laboratory, science taught me logic and analytical thinking. Two skills which I use every day which allow me to think on my feet and respond quickly to changing environments and work demands.


What do I shoot?

Weddings, portraiture, couple shoots, fine art landscape, real estate and interiors, music and fashion.


How do I describe my style of photography?

If you meet me in person I doubt you would think I am a perfectionist, but when it comes to my photography I definitely am a perfectionist. I put a lot of emphasis on creating an image that is creatively beautiful and technically correct. I prefer working in the background and will never be an “in your face” photographer – that’s just not my style.

Edward Duckitt